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Ivorrie is young, sassy, sexy and outrageously talented. Whether at CYPHER or on the ROYAL ARENA FESTIVAL stage, she embodies the exceptional phenomenon par excellence. MY COKE MUSIC immediately became aware of the extraordinary talent of the young Lucerne native and engaged Ivorrie to record a song with JASON DERULO in LOS ANGELES, as well as to shoot a video.

At the RED BULL Insta live sessions, the successful Swiss rapper XEN also took notice and promised her a duet soon. Even TASHAN believes in Ivorrie's qualities and has had her open for them several times.

​Now she is ready to open a new chapter in her young career. With a fusion of R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop influences, she returns with a captivating track titled "GRLS" (yes, spelled exactly like that). Star producer SerGIO Fertitta, who has already recored hits for iconic artist such as Snoop Dogg & Coolio, Frank Ocean, Shaggy, and Swiss top acts like Bligg, Baschi, Nicole Bernegger, and Dieter Meier (Yello), can't contain his enthusiasm for Ivorrie's talent.

SerGIO: «Her voice color immediately captivates you. It was clear to me from the first time I heard her, that this young lady has what it takes to be a star. Not only does she write all the lyrics herself, no, her English sounds like it's her mother tongue. The collaboration is a complete success.»

Unsurprisingly, Ivorrie has already received the blue tick on Instagram. Now she is working at full speed on her album. So there's a lot more to look forward to. Listen and see for yourself!



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