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We are certainly not a "big band", but we are "probably the smallest band in the world". We have made it our task to embody the " Grössenwahn " (Megalomania) in our society. 

If you' re also megalomaniac, then you are warmly invited to travel together with us through this crazy time...


Rammstein tribute for inclusion: Small-Group Club sends a signal against discrimination with hard metal

Just in time for the European Project Day for the Equality of People with Disabilities, the association Grössenwahn releases a music video that takes a stand with "Neue Deutsche Härte" (New German Hardness).

It is no coincidence that the video bears the signature of the band Rammstein. It is based on a Rammstein homage by artist-agent, actor and Grössenwahn founder Peter Brownbill. With his song recorded in Zurich - which itself takes up the ambivalent title "Grössenwahn" - Brownbill was able to impress Rammstein singer Till Lindemann so much even before the Corona era that the latter wanted to include it in his show "Flic Flac Freaks 2.0" at the Admiralspalast. The pandemic put a spanner in the plans.

The new music video now continues the story. It was sponsored by Aktion Mensch, produced by Sergio Fertitta (Franc Ocean, Snoop Dogg & Coolio, Jermaine Jackson,  Snow, etc.) and recorded with a 6-piece band - consisting of Frank Ramirez (keyboard and background vocals), Valerij Radmacher (lead guitar), Jona Bergander (rhythm guitar), Alexander Lel (drums), Cem Aydin (electric bass) and Peter Brownbill (vocals). All of the musicians are themselves small in stature.

It's not just the black-and-white images that impress. The song lyrics also shake things up. "We're tired of comparisons... no one is to be pitied" - just two of countless statements with which singer Peter Brownbill gives expression to the anger and frustration of marginalized groups in society. The right to "free development of one's own way of life" is one of the central demands that have lost none of their relevance in 2022.

The video is also an obituary for actor and performer Frank Ramirez, who died unexpectedly on May 2, 2022. Not only did he give the production his very own signature, he was also a foundation pillar of the Grössenwahn association.

Press Contact & Management: 

Brownbill GmbH, Peter Brownbill, Hans-Böckler-Allee 141, 26759 Hinte (Germany) Phone: +49 (0) 171-8305835 | E-Mail: | Web:

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