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Dominic Tschanz, alias Sorgäching, was born and raised in Bern. He grew up in a small village of 1000 inhabitants in the Canton of Solothurn and now lives in the city of Solothurn. As a Mundart rapper and lyricist, he has found his musical home.

His journey began with writing lyrics in his childhood bedroom. This was followed by classic freestyle sessions in rented civil defense rooms in a village community in the canton of Bern. The first recordings were made between old mattresses with a cheap Alto ACM 4 microphone and a blanket as a booth roof. He experienced the excitement of the first dubstep party raids and even a May 1st demo crash with way too loud generators. Freestyle battles on the Howeg site in Grenchen and the first album production, are just a few of the many anecdotes that could fill books.

Following these experiences, his first mixtape was made available for download, though to this day, no one knows where or how to find it. Subsequently, he released the EPs "Soundflash" with the legendary cover by WES21 (Schwarzmaler Crew) and "Gold zu Silber," as well as the "Gefällt mir" mixtape - all expertly produced by Loopsided at the Loonote Studio in Solothurn.

Dominic Tschanz collaborated with artists such as City Nord, Dusty Flavor, Kym, Mista Ayachi, and La Nefera, gracing stages at concerts held in venues like Kofmehl Solothurn, Kufa Lyss, Mahogany Hall Bern, Turnhalle Bern, Flösslerplatz Aarau, Openair Etziken, and many others. He opened for acts like Skor, Manillo, the legendary Möchtegang, as well as international stars like Ragabund (D) and Delinquent Habbits (USA). Always accompanied by his brother "Hanz Blunt" and "DJ Proke" as the Sorgäching Soundsystem, they set pre- and afterparties with Prob Dylan, Delinquent Habbits, Samy Deluxe, and Afrob ablaze.

After a period of quiet, the next chapter is on the horizon. With almost 20 years of experience as an active MC, supported by his loyal companions Hanz Blunt and DJ Proke, and with visionary producer Sergio Fertitta by his side, his upcoming album is ready to take the world by storm!



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